Scrapbook Page for James Arthur TROTTER

Location of Art and Nina GRAY TROTTER's 1910 newliwed home, Ordway, Colorado

This is the approximate location of Art and Nina's newliwed home for the 1910 census in Ordway, Colorado. The house at left is 516 Colorado Blvd, and the house at right is 530. They resided at 524 Colordao Blvd. Photo by J. Shell Sep 2007.

James "Art" Trotter's WWI Registration Card, 1917

From Art's 1917 WWI Registration Card, a physical description is given, and Art and Nina's address is shown in Douglas, Arizona.

James Arthur "Art" Trotter

The date and location of this photograph are unknown. Photo provided by Linda Fluharty Myers; scanned by Linda 2008.

James Arthur "Art" Trotter

Crop of an original photo also provided here.

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