Scrapbook Page for Newsom Robert TAYLOR

Newsom Robert Taylor, 1901

This photo scanned from a printed copy provided by Virginia Hagen in July 2007.

Newsom and Cora Ray Taylor, around 1930

This portrait of Newsom and Cora was taken around 1930, in a studio in Borger, Texas. As of 2007, the original was in the possession of Bruce Switzer. Scanned by B. Switzer 2007, restoration work by J. Shell.

Newsom Taylor, about 1938.

Cropped from a larger family photo.

Newsom R. Taylor and Cora Jane Ray Taylor Family, about 1938

Newsom and Cora Taylor with Extended Family, About 1925

This photo is a scan from at least a second generation copy.

Newsom Taylor headstone, Hamburg Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas

Photo taken 6 March 2005 by J. Shell

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