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Original land entry by John W. Smith, 1860

In 1860 John W. Smith acquired a total of 200 acres in Berea, Ashley Co, Arkansas. The original entry was 40 acres issued 24 Apr 1860 (NWSE, S3, T16S R6W). Another 160 acres was added 1 Sep 1860 (E½SW and S½SE of S3, T16S R6W)

Probable John W. Smith homesite location, ca 1859

This is the hypothesized location of John and Henrietta's homesite in Ashley Co., Arkansas. This is just west of old Berea on the south side of the road, within the first 40 acres John acquired (location 33.3409N, 91.7061S). Photo Mar 05 by J Shell)

John W. Smith Land Patent, April 1860 (Berea, Ashley Co, Arkansas)

40 Acres: NWSE R3 T16S R6W

John W. Smith Land Patent, September 1860 (Berea, Ashley Co, Arkansas)

160 Acres: E½SW S3 T16S R6W S½SE S3 T16S R6W

Excerpt from an 1890 book on John W. Smith.

The focus of this biography is John W. Smith's son, Samuel R. Smith. However, there is significant discussion on John W. Smith. See the last paragraph on page 919, continuing to page 920 (pages 2 and 3 of this excerpt).

A synopsis of the events at Camp Nelson, 1862-1863, where John W. Smith died. [Document]

Entrance to the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Historical Marker for the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

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