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Newsom Robert TAYLOR [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 26 Nov 1879 in Near Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. He died 2 on 29 Aug 1941 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. He was buried in Hamburg Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Newsom married 1 Cora Jane RAY on 15 Feb 1899 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

   From Newsom's 1918 WW I registration card, he is noted as residing in Hamburg and employed as a carpenter for the Hamburg Lumber Co.  He is described as being of medium height and stocky build, with brown eyes and light brown hair.
   During the early part of WWII, many soldiers came through Hamburg and camped at the fairgrounds. One came in Newsom's gas station and Newsom was showing him a gun he had, thinking it unloaded. While the solider was handling the gun, it discharged and killed Newsom.  Newsom's gas station was a Texaco station on the corner where Martin's furniture is currently located [Ethyl Smith Shell, 2004].

Newspaper article on the accidental death, 1941:
Soldier Kills Cafe Owner Accidentally.  Special to the Gazette.  Hamburg.  Aug 29.  
    Displaying a gun to a soldier-customer cost N. R. Taylor, 52, Hamburg filling station and cafe operator his life tonight when the weapon was discharged accidentally while in the solider's hands.
   Another solider and a civilian looked on as Pvt. Albert P. Zethier of the Fourth Cavalry, Fort Meade, S. C., examined the gun, which Mr. Taylor had handed to him.  The charge struck Mr. Taylor in the chest, killing him instantly.
   Coroner Pat Hoy returned a verdict of accidental death.
   The Fourth Cavalry has been encamped near here several days.
   Mr. Taylor is survived by his wife, a son, County Judge M. F. Taylor of Hamburg; four daughters, Mrs. L. J. Shell and Mrs. Willford Tweedy of Hamburg, Mrs. Freeman Shell of Lubbock, Tex., and Mrs. Ovid Switzer of Crossett, and three brothers, T. H. and J. L. of Hamburg and R. D. Taylor of Crossett.

Cora Jane RAY [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born 2 on 15 Jan 1881 in Mississippi. She died on 30 Nov 1960 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. She was buried in 1960 in Hamburg Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Cora married 3 Newsom Robert TAYLOR on 15 Feb 1899 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

They had the following children.

  M i
Velmer TAYLOR was born 1 on 11 Oct 1899 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. He died on 11 Oct 1899 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas.
  M ii Modester Franklin "Dobbin" TAYLOR was born on 17 Sep 1901. He died on 12 Dec 1980.
  F iii
Maggie Viola TAYLOR was born 1 on 18 Feb 1903 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. She died on 25 Oct 1907.
  F iv Effie Mae "GG" TAYLOR was born on 3 Feb 1905. She died on 25 Feb 1984.
  F v Lillie Mae TAYLOR was born on 18 May 1907. She died on 7 Sep 2001.
  M vi Newsome Ray TAYLOR was born on 5 Aug 1909. He died on 23 Mar 1937.
  F vii Estelle M. TAYLOR was born on 28 Aug 1911. She died on 6 Jun 1936.
  F viii Reba Odell TAYLOR was born on 29 Mar 1915. She died on 29 Jan 2003.
  F ix Ruth Marguerite TAYLOR was born on 1 Feb 1918. She died on 6 Oct 1972.
  F x
Annie Jewel TAYLOR was born 1 on 9 Mar 1921 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. She died on 11 Mar 1921 2 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

Charles Henry SMITH [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 14 Jul 1860 in Arkansas. He died 2 on 4 Feb 1892 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. He was buried 2 in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Charles married 3, 4 Mollie T. JUDKINS on 15 Dec 1880 in Ashley Co., Arkansas.

   Charles H. Smith was born to John W. Smith and Henrietta (Randolph) Smith on 14 July 1860 in Bearhouse, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Charles was the second of three children born to John and Henrietta that lived past childhood. John and Henrietta moved to Bearhouse sometime between 1857 and 1860 from Mississippi.
   Charles would hardly know his father, as he died in the Civil War shortly after Charles turned 2 in September, 1862. Charles' mother, Henrietta, remarried to William B. Wheat 23 September 1866 and it brought several of William's children from a previous marriage into the home. Henrietta and William would have at least three children. In April 1873 Charles is listed as a member of the "Sabbath School" at Mt. Olive Baptist Church [Mt. Olive records, p. 34a]. In December 1873, Charles' stepfather William passed away [Mt. Olive records, p. 64].  On 27 August 1876 Charles became a member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church by "experience" [Mt. Olive records, p. 42].
   When Charles was 20 (1880), his mother Henrietta Wheat was head of the household and they were still living in Bearhouse.  All thre Smith children were still in the household, with Charles' brother Sam, at age 23, being the eldest. Charles' three half siblings--Kittie, Zachariah, and Alonzo--were also in the home.  
    It is also noted that in 1880 the stepsons (from his stepfather's previous marriage) were living in neighboring houses, and Charles' grandmother, Elizabeth (Henrietta's mother) was living with one of them (Frank). Elizabeth died in September that year (1880) and was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.  Soon after, Charles' would be married to Mollie T. Judkins on 15 Dec 1880.
    Charles' marriage to Mollie broght forth at least eight children, with the first, John Hugh Smith born in Oct 1881, presumably named after his grandfather.  John would unfortunately die before his 7th birthday, in Sep 1888.  The last child, George Alan Smith was born in Jan 1892.
   In October 1887 Charles was elected deacon of Mt. Olive Baptist Church [Mt. Olive Records, p. 77]. Charles later served on the Mt. Olive building committee in October 1889 [ibid, p. 81].
    Unimaginable tragedy struck the family soon after the birth of George. As recalled by Ethyl Smith Shell from stories told to her by her father, Barton, a flu epidemic hit Ashley Co. in early 1892. On 4 February 1892, Charles died, quickly followed by the death of their newborn, George, on 6 February 1892. Mollie died only 2 days later, as well as the next youngest child. So in the span of a week, Charles, his wife, and at least two of the children died. Charles and Mollie were both buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. His headstone reads "Charles H. Smith, July 14, 1860, Feb. 4, 1892, Son of J. W. & H. Smith."
   The surviving children of Charles and Mollie would go and live with Charles' older brother, Sam, who at the time was residing in "the old farm house," located on the current (2004) property of Jack H. Shell.

A copy of Charles' will is on file at the Ashley Co. courthouse.

Mollie T. JUDKINS [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 30 Oct 1863 in Arkansas. She died on 8 Feb 1892 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. She was buried 2 in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Mollie married 3, 4 Charles Henry SMITH on 15 Dec 1880 in Ashley Co., Arkansas.

Aug 1883: joined Mt. Olive Baptist Church by "experience and baptism" (Mt. Olive records, p. 56).

They had the following children.

  M i
John Hugh SMITH 1 was born 2 on 31 Oct 1881. He died 2 on 23 Sep 1888 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. He was buried 3 in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas.
  M ii Barton Rutherford "Bart" SMITH was born on 11 Oct 1883. He died on 4 Sep 1947.
  F iii Mary E. SMITH was born on 3 Sep 1885.
  M iv
Zimery Judkins "Zim" SMITH 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 2 Jan 1888 in Arkansas. He died 3 on 27 Feb 1912 2 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas 2. He was buried 1 in Promise Land Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

From the 29 February 1912 Ashley County Eagle:
Mr. Zim Smith, a young man about 28 years old, committed suicide by swallowing some kind of poison powder, in the McCombs Hotel Monday night. He was raised in this county, but has recently been living in Dermott. He spent Sunday night with relatives in the county, and came to town Monday evening, took a room at the Hotel Monday night, and retired about nine o’clock. About 7 o’clock Tuesday morning, the porter entered his room and found him on the bed cold in death. It is supposed that he brought the poison with him that he swallowed. A note was found in his grip saying that he “had nothing to live for,” signed Zim. He is survived by one brother, Mr. B. R. Smith of Hamburg, and two sisters, Miss Minnie Smith and Mrs. W. Z. Collins. He was a nephew of Judge S.R. Smith.
  F v
Minnie Olah SMITH was born 1, 2 on 2 Aug 1889 in Arkansas.
  M vi
George Allen SMITH was born 1 on 17 Jan 1892. He died 1 on 6 Feb 1892 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. He was buried 2 in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

Believed to have died in conjunction with the death of the parents as part of a flu epidemic.

Franklin Cline HAMMOND [Parents] was born about Feb 1853 1 in Ohio 1. He died after 1920 1. Franklin married 2, 3 Ellen H. MUELLER "Ella" 1, 2 about 1875.

   Franklin's sons bought him a farm out of South Haven, Michigan, in which he raised melons and corn. Frank was 6' 3" tall and well over 250 lbs. [James Byrne Hammond interviews]
   Franklin received an appointment to establish the rural free delivery in Arizona for the postal service.  This appointment allegedly resulted from the family's connection with Pres. Rutherford Hayes.  While in Arizona, Franklin lived in the Phoenix area [James Byrne Hammond interviews].

-1880:  residing in Edgerton, Williams Co., OH).  Frank is employed as a "telegraph student"
-1900:  residing in Orleans TS, Ionia Co., Michigan.  Frank is employed as a farmer.  Note that this census lists an incorrect birth year of 1852.
-1910:  residing on Grand Ave. in Clyde, Cloud Co., Kansas.  Frank is employed as a "post office inspector" at this time.
-1920:  residing on Main St. in Troy, Richland Co., Ohio.  Frank is a "coal dealer" at this time.

Ellen H. "Ella" MUELLER 1, 2 was born about May 1851 2 in Ohio. She died 3 about 1928. Ella married 1, 4 Franklin Cline HAMMOND about 1875.

Ellen's family changed their name from Mueller to Miller during the War (James Hammond).

It is thought the 1900 census gives an incorrect birth date of May 1857.  (For the 1880, 1910, 1920 census she is usually 1 or 2 years older than husband Frank).

They had the following children.

  M i
Charles HAMMOND was born 1 about 1875 in Ohio.
  M ii Edgar Hayes HAMMOND was born on 13 Oct 1876. He died after 1920.
  F iii
Ola E. HAMMOND 1 was born 1 in Nov 1877 in Ohio.
  M iv Albert Leroy HAMMOND was born on 30 Aug 1878. He died on 10 Nov 1964.
  M v
Howard H. HAMMOND 1 was born 1 in Jun 1882 in Ohio.

   Howard H. Hammond is thought to be "Harry" as referenced by James Byrne Hammond (son of older brother Albert Leroy Hammond).
   Harry was a giant of a man, at 6' 8" tall.  He was in World War I as part of Pershing's Army.  While in the war he allegedly was infected with syphilis, which resulted in his wife divorcing him.  He eventually remarried to a 4' tall burlesque queen.  [James Byrne Hammond interview, December 2004].

Patrick Aloysius BYRNE 1 was born 2 before 1860 in Ireland. Patrick married Patricia ONEAL 1.

Patrick had plastic sewer pipe plant in LaSalle, Illinois.  During the 1893 World's Fair, he was a contractor and put sidewalks in.  He was living in Chicago at this time.  His company's stamp was in all the sidewalks.  Patrick was really a character--he would put on an orange tie and go into the Catholic neighborhood to cause trouble!  [James Byrne Hammond inteview, September 2005]

Patricia ONEAL 1 was born 2, 3, 4 before 1860 in Canada. Patricia married Patrick Aloysius BYRNE 1.

On Daughter's 1920 census form it states she was born in Cananda, also corroborated with James Hammond Interview.

They had the following children.

  M i Living.
  M ii Living.
  M iii Living.
  F iv Living.
  F v Agnes Mary BYRNE was born on 29 Jan 1873. She died on 21 Aug 1948.
  F vi Living.

James Arthur "Art" TROTTER [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born 1, 2, 3, 4 on 15 Sep 1890 in Calhan, El Paso Co., Colorado. He died 4 on 8 Feb 1952 in Los Angeles Co., California. Art married 5 Nina G. GRAY about Apr 1910.

Other marriages:

  James Arthur Trotter, "Art", was born 15 September 1890, in Calhan, Colorado.  Art was the youngest of four children born to James Sr. and Ida Trotter.  In 1900, Art was living with his parents in Otero Co., Colorado.
   Around April 1910 at the age of 19 Art married Nina Gray. They are noted as newlyweds in the 1910 census and residing at 524 Colorado Ave in Ordway, Colorado. (At the time, Ordway was still part of Otero county, and later became Crowley county).  James' older brother Charles also lived in Ordway, just two streets over on Otero Ave in a boarding house.  By 1912, Art and Nina had made their way to Kansas, where in 1912 their first child, Gertrude was born in Neosho county.  According to Gertrude's birth certificate, Art was a "farmer" at the time.  
    They would not reside there long, for the following year they would move to Douglas, Arizona.  From Art's 1917 World War I draft registration card, they are known to be residing at 1530 21st Street in Douglas, Arizona. At this time, Art is working as a smelter craneman, employed by Phelps Dodge at the Copper Queen Branch as part of the copper mining industry.  (Nina's younger brothers were also in Douglas with them at this time, with Bob living with them).  Although mining was a prevalent industry in the west during this time, it's of interest to note that Art intentionally or not somewhat followed in his father's footsteps, as he also worked at mining when he was about Art's age (in Utah, 1880).  From Art's WW I registration card, he is known to have been "tall and slender" with "brown eyes" and "light hair".  It is also seen that he has a "weak right leg and foot being broken in 3 places."  Art and Nina stayed in Arizona through at least October of 1918 when their third child, Delbert was born.
  By 1920 the family had moved again, and from the census they are renting a home at 1934 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, California (see the scrapbook page of the multimedia edition of this report for a photo of the probable lot where the house was).  Art is still employed as a crane operator, now supporting the shipping industry.  At about this same time, Art and Nina are separated (it is known that Nina had remarried by 1921).
  Art remarried to Mona Kriss about 1924, and around 1926 Art and Mona had a son, they named James, which was also the name of Art's first son with Nina.  (Nina moved out of the southern California area and had custody of the children--see Nina's biography).  In 1930 Art and Mona resided in Los Angeles, California, where they owned a home at 206 E. 112th Street (see the scrapbook page of the multimedia edition of this report for a photo of the area).  At this time Art was employed as an auto mechanic.  
   Art died 8 February 1952 at the age of 61 in Los Angeles county California.

Nina G. GRAY [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born 2, 3 on 1 Mar 1892 in Lamar, Prowers Co., Colorado. She died 1 on 10 May 1958 4 in San Leandro, Alameda Co., California 4. She was buried in Lone Tree Cemetery, Alameda Co., California 5. Nina married 6 James Arthur TROTTER "Art" about Apr 1910.

Other marriages:
FLUHARTY, William Lawrence

   Nina was born on March 1, 1892 in Lamar, Prowers County, Colorado.  She was the oldest of three children born to Gustav Gray and Carrie Gertrude Slater Gray.  Before turning four years old, Nina's family moved farther west to Las Animas in Bent County, or 35 miles upstream the Arkansas River from Lamar.  Nina's father died around the time Nina was only six to eight years old.  In 1900, eight year old Nina is living in Bent County, Colorado, with her two younger brothers and mother Gertrude.  
    Around April, 1910, Nina would marry James Arthur "Art" Trotter, and for the 1910 census they were residing at 524 Colorado Ave., in Ordway, Colorado (see the scrapbook page of the multimedia edition of this report for a photo of this area).  Ordway was another 20 miles west or so upstream the Arkansas River from her previous home in Bent County.  
     Nina and Art had a number of moves, going to Neosho Co., Kansas where their first child, Gertrude Ida was born in May, 1912.  Soon they headed back west moving to Douglas, Arizona, where they were thought to be by 1913.  It is likely that Nina's widowed mother Carrie Gertrude (Slater Trotter) Campbell, whom they named their daughter after, also accompanied them with these moves, as well as her two younger brothers.  Tragedy would strike soon after their arrival in Arizona, for in July 1913, Nina's mother Gertrude committed suicide.
    The town of Douglas, Arizona was dominated by the mining industry and the copper mines of Phelps Dodge.  From the 1917 and 1918 World War I registration cards of Art and Nina's younger brothers, it is seen that Nina's brother Bob lived with Nina and Art, and her brother Roy lived nearby-with all three men employed by Phelps Dodge.  During this time they lived at 1530 21st St., in Douglas, Arizona.
    Nina and Art stayed in Douglas, Arizona, through at least late 1918, when their third child was born.  Soon the family moved to California, where in 1920 they resided at 1934 Hermosa Ave. in Hermosa Beach with their three children (see the scrapbook page of the multimedia edition of this report for a photo of the probable lot where the house was).  Nina's younger brothers may have left Arizona before they did, as they were enlisted for the Great War, World War I.  (In 1920 the youngest, Roy, is known to have been in Coblenz, Germany).
    About this time Nina and Art separated for unknown reasons, and she would remarry to William "Bill" Lawrence Fluharty by 1921 and move north with the three kids and Bill to the Sacramento area.  In Sacramento they resided at 3336 44th street [CA voter registration records].  March, 1922 would bring another tragic event, when the youngest child Delbert was killed at the age of three while crossing the street.  Nina and Bill remained in the Sacramento area through at least 1924.
    The family would move to Texas, arriving there by 1928.  In 1930 they resided in El Paso, Texas at 1413 Kentucky Street, where they would live for at least 15 years.  Nina and Bill had a total of four children together.  Nina had a total of six children living to adulthood.  
     At some point in her life Nina played piano in a movie house in Las Vegas, New Mexico [James Hammond interview].  Sometime after 1945 Nina made her way back to California where she would pass away.  Nina died May 10, 1958, in Alameda County, California at the age of 66.

They had the following children.

  F i Gertrude Ida TROTTER was born on 5 May 1912. She died on 3 Mar 2004.
  M ii James Arthur TROTTER Jr. was born on 26 Sep 1914. He died on 16 Jan 2005.
  M iii
Delbert H. TROTTER [scrapbook] 1 was born 1, 2, 3 on 27 Oct 1918 in Cochise Co., Arizona. He died 1 on 29 Mar 1922. He was buried in Sacramento, California 4.

    Delbert was killed when he was three years old.  He was hit by a car while following his brother across the street.  [James Byrne Hammond interviews, 2004, 2005]
    Delbert was likely named after his great uncle, Adelbert "Bert" Slater.  It's also probable that his middle name, though unknown, after that of his paternal grandfather, James H. Trotter. (Delbert's older sister was named after her maternal grandparents, and his older brother was a "Jr.").

Ogier PICHOT [Parents] 1 was born in May 1741. He died before 1807. Ogier married Therese ANTOINE 1.

Lived in the parisian of Nantilloise, Meuse, France.  Was 43 years, 7 months, 26 days of age when his son Jean Nicolas was born.

Therese ANTOINE 1 was born before 1770. She died before 1807. Therese married Ogier PICHOT 1.

Approximately 36 years old when son Jean Nicolas was born.  Had a brother named Jean Nicolas Antoine for whom she named her son and appointed godfather.  He lived in Milly.

They had the following children.

  M i Jean Nicolas PICHOT Sr was born on 15 Jan 1785. He died about 1845.

Andre PICHOT 1 was born before 1726. Andre married Marie MARIMS 1.

Lived with wife in parish of Nantilloise, Meuse, France

Marie MARIMS 1 was born before 1726. Marie married Andre PICHOT 1.

Also spelled, Marins.

They had the following children.

  M i Ogier PICHOT was born in May 1741. He died before 1807.

Jean Babtist (sp?) CHARPENTIER 1 was born before 1770. He died before 1807. Jean married Marie Catherine MARON 1.

Marie Catherine MARON 1 was born before 1770. She died before 1807. Marie married Jean Babtist (sp?) CHARPENTIER 1.

They had the following children.

  F i Marie Elizabeth Josephine CHARPENTIER was born on 18 Apr 1785.

Gerhard IHNKEN. Gerhard married Marie Jeanne PICHOT "Jeanne Marie" on 22 Oct 1846.

Marie Jeanne "Jeanne Marie" PICHOT [Parents] was born on 13 May 1824 in Milly Meuse Lorraine France. She died on 26 Oct 1888 in Medina Co., Texas. She was buried 1 in 1888 in St. Louis Catholic Cemetery, Castroville, Medina Co., Texas. Jeanne Marie married Gerhard IHNKEN on 22 Oct 1846.

One source places burial at Ihnken Family Cemetery, Medina Co., Texas.

BRIEDEN. BRIEDEN married Theresa PICHOT on 25 Dec 1867 in Castroville, Medina.

Theresa PICHOT [Parents] was born on 15 Oct 1847 in Medina County, Texas. She died on 4 Mar 1938 in Medina County, Texas. She was buried in St Louis Catholic Cemetery, Castroville, Medina County. Theresa married BRIEDEN on 25 Dec 1867 in Castroville, Medina.

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